Our Story

Behind every great idea is a great story, and Watchdog Watch Company would like to share their story...

One Christmas morning, our family took a gift of a new watch and put it on the family dog Grizzly...just for the fun of it. 

We started calling Grizzly, "the Watchdog."


That gave us the idea to create a men's watch company with the name Watchdog watches. Several conversations later, we added the element of giving, to the idea by including a donation to charities that help rescue dogs become service companions to people in need .

If we were going to create something unique and affordable along with benefiting others in the process, we wanted to do it right.

So, here we are, launching a product in a very competitive market, and hoping for nothing but success with your help...because you also believe that we should all help those in need - pets AND people!


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